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Negotiating With Skill/Martin Rosenfeld

October 28, 2013


The current issue of Inc. contains a short interview with TV host, George Stephanopoulos. The TV anchor of “Good Morning America” gives a number of tips for a successful interview, among which are the following: -Prepare extensively -Ask “Why” -Watch For Facial Cues The above three tips are helpful for many forms of human interaction. They are […]

The Way We Divorce in America/Martin Rosenfeld

October 15, 2013


The following discussion is an excerpt from an upcoming op/ed piece in the aftermath of the news about rabbis and coerced divorces: The legal system of our country is a source of great pride. Yet some aspects of the system are not working well. Divorce courts today allow for divorces to be processed, but not […]

The “Cost” Of Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

October 4, 2013


(This article appeared at as it appears here, but with a different title.MR) There is a statement in the Zohar that indicates that everything requires Mazel, even the Sefer Torah itself. The explanation I heard about this thought is that a Sefer Torah is chosen or not chosen from the Aron by a series […]

Noah and You/Martin Rosenfeld

October 2, 2013


If Noah was a truly righteous, how could he allow himself to sink into alcoholism? Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski often cites this as a sign that the times had changed. Man’s nature was affected by the Great Flood and the bodily constitution had gone through changes. The alcohol level Noah could tolerate had obviously become […]