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Are You Ready For Divorce?/Martin Rosenfeld

July 27, 2013


A recent blog post that made its way to website is entitled: “Are You Ready For Divorce: The 8 Questions You Need to Ask”. In this piece, authors Dr. Bruce Derman and Ms. Wendy Gregson discuss the question of how you know if you are ready, psychologically and emotionally, for divorce. I will focus […]

The Key to Wisdom/Martin Rosenfeld

July 17, 2013


There is an expression in the Talmudic literature that states the following: “The safeguard for wisdom is silence.” One of the legendary legislators of this past centurt was the Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn. Mr. Rayburn was known for his laconic and reserved personality. When asked why he spoke so little in public, he […]

Getting Close/Martin Rosenfeld

July 9, 2013


One of the creative political commentators over the decades is a gentleman by the name of Norman Ornstein. Mr. Ornstein recently suggested, tongue-in-cheek that he had a suggestion to break the gridlock in Washington. Why not build multiple housing units in view of the Congress and require the legislators to live there when they are […]

Divorce Negotiating Tips/Martin Rosenfeld

July 1, 2013


You have chosen to mediate, have a mediator and are now ready to negotiate. What do you need to do now? A recent blog appeared at Five of the suggestions will be outlined here. 1.Have a checklist of what you wish to discuss. It is difficult to keep everything in mind during negotiation talks. […]