Noah and You/Martin Rosenfeld

Posted on October 2, 2013


If Noah was a truly righteous, how could he allow himself to sink into alcoholism? Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski often cites this as a sign that the times had changed. Man’s nature was affected by the Great Flood and the bodily constitution had gone through changes. The alcohol level Noah could tolerate had obviously become lessened and hence this led to inadvertent drunkenness.

Dr. Twerski uses this thought to explain the upswing in addictions, moral crimes, etc over the last generation. People have not changed but society certainly has changed. We now face new challenges. The rise of divorces is one such phenomenon. Society has changed and so has the divorce rate. If you are going through a divorce, it is not necessarily indicative of who you are. How you react to your divorce, is indeed an indication of what your inner self us made of. Approach you divorce, and your future, with dignity and civility. You owe this to yourself, and to your loved ones.