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A Presentation on Jewish Divorce

July 29, 2010


One of the web’s comprehensive resources on Jewish living is the website at A lecture on Jewish divorce appears, as presented by Rabbi Manis Friedman, a prominent rabbi, author, and lecturer. The lecture is presented at If you have never heard Rabbi Friedman in his lecture mode, you will find this experience to […]

What to Do When Things Start Going Wrong/ Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

July 25, 2010


In the process of reflecting on where and how things have gone wrong, it is also useful to look at when things started to go wrong. Was the marriage always tenuous, or were there times when everything seemed to be going quite smoothly? If the marriage was always shaky, then one should go backwards to […]

Halachic Pre-Nuptial Agreements

July 21, 2010


There is a website established by the Beth Din of America which deals with pre-nuptial agreements. Many rabbis have incorporated this pre-nuptial into the wedding ceremony. However, there is no reason why it cannot also be completed for those who are in the post-nuptial stage (i.e. already married.). The site is found at

A Halakhically Approved Marital Agreement to Mediate/ Rabbi Dr. David Mescheloff, Moshav Hemed 50295 Israel

July 19, 2010


(Editor’s Note: Rabbi Dr. David Mescheloff is a noted scholar and rabbi living in Israel.  We thank Rav Mescheloff for bringing his rabbinic experience to the attention of this blog’s readers.  What is unique about his approach is the creation of a marital agreement whose sole aim is to bring a couple in crisis to […]

How To Save Your Marriage/Laurie Israel, Esq

July 18, 2010


One of the most interesting and fulfilling parts of my law practice is to assist people who are contemplating divorce or in the midst of divorcing. I consider this work in helping people though a very significant transition in life quite meaningful. An attorney applies all of his or her legal knowledge in dealing with […]

My Decision to Become a Get Administrator/ Rabbi Howard Jachter

July 16, 2010


Growing up in Brooklyn, NY,  in a family that included observant and nonobservant members, I was acutely aware of the barriers that could arise from different levels of observance. It was always important to me that the observant and non-observant relatives should be close and be able to get along . The worst problem would […]

Mediation, Marriage, Divorce, and Agunah/ Martin Rosenfeld

July 16, 2010


(This article appeared in Issue 2 of “Conversations”) The late Rabbi Harry Wohlberg taught Midrash at Yeshiva University to generations of Semikha students. He asked his students on one occasion to explain why the Talmud states that the Mizbeah (altar of the Temple) itself cries for a couple going through a divorce proceeding. Why was this metaphor of […]

Divorce, Teenagers, and Mood Disorders/ Dr. Mark Banschick

July 14, 2010


Divorce can create a range of conflicting emotions for teenagers, and their moods can swing many times during the day. (There are no definitive statistics as to the rate of Jewish divorce, but it is likely not dissimilar from the national rate of approximately 50%.  Divorce in Orthodox Jewish homes has been estimated to be […]

The Beth Din and You/Martin Rosenfeld

July 13, 2010


A Beth Din is a religious Court. Many people assume a Beth Din may only issue a Get and has no other function. This is not true. Many Beth Din organizations deal with commercial and family law disputes. A couple going through a divorce may submit all claims (except for custody of children) to the […]

How to Select a Divorce Mediator/Martin Rosenfeld

July 12, 2010


As a divorce mediator, I think much about what makes a good mediator. Of course, you need references, word-of-mouth feedback, convenient office hours, etc. However, there are other factors I would suggest be considered when selecting a mediator. I will outline a few of the more subtle tips to aid you in your important decision. […]