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How to Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

January 29, 2012


One of the hot author/lecturers on the circuit now is the entrepreneur, Dov Seidman.  In his work, “How We Do Anything Means Everything…in Business (And in Life), Seidman espouses the theory, best summed up by former Senator Bill Bradley that “It is in your interest to do the right thing.” Our ability to succeed has […]

Women and Post-Divorce Employment/Lori Hutchison

January 26, 2012


After a divorce, some women must look for employment or begin a new career to support their families. It can be very difficult to decide on a job that will be rewarding both financially and emotionally. Not to mention, many women need a career that allows them enough time to continue managing the household and […]

Death Of A Former Legend?/Martin Rosenfeld

January 24, 2012


For those who do not follow sports, the name of Joe Paterno meant little until a few months ago. Coach Paterno, of Penn State football fame, had won more college football games than any other coach who had performed on his level of collegiate football.  Ultimately, he was released from his duties after a former […]

Honesty in Negotiations/Martin Rosenfeld

January 18, 2012


Richard Haass, a career diplomat and public servant, yesterday appeared on a talk show and discussed the upcoming election. Mr. Haass opined that the winning formula for a successful candidate would need to be honesty. In effect the candidate will need to say: “We are facing problems in America, the remedy will not come quickly, […]

Can My Divorce Be Civil?/Martin Rosenfeld

January 9, 2012


I recently wrote an article on divorce for A few comments challenged my proposition that Jewish divorce can, and should, involve civility on the part of the divorcing couple. These comments focused on the nature of the confrontations that define divorce. I will start again with my proposition that if we expect our children to marry […]

Post-Nuptial Agreements/Laurie Israel, Esq.

January 2, 2012


Ed. Note: A post-nuptial agreement takes place after a marriage has begun. This article, written on a Mass. case, explains how post-nuptial agreements can sometimes be of great help in preserving a marriage. The SJC reference is to the Supreme Court of Mass. MR On July 16, 2010, the Massachusetts SJC ruled that postnuptial agreements were not per […]