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How to Win: Why Litigation May Not Be the Best Choice/Laurie Israel

August 30, 2010


Most of the work of a lawyer is to help a client achieve his or her goals in the most sensible and effective way, and at the least cost – financial and otherwise. We attorneys are trained as problem-solvers. In interviewing clients, we try to find out all facts which are relevant to a client’s […]

Divorce and Jewish Ethics/Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

August 25, 2010


“Ethics of the Elders,” what is popularly known as Pirkay Avot, contains timeless ethical instruction for all contingencies of life. Since divorce is one of life’s contingencies, it would be useful to extract from Ethics of the Elders appropriate ethical instruction that can be used as a guide in the divorce process. What follows are […]

The Age of Civility?/Martin Rosenfeld

August 23, 2010


A prolific commentator by the name of Victor Davis Hanson recently wrote about the need for civil language in political discourse. While Dr. Davis is undoubtedly right of center, his salvos are aimed at all members of the political spectrum. Examples that are cited include the following: Referring to an administration as a “regime”, referring […]

Divorce:Facts and Myths/David Kaufman

August 19, 2010


When all other options and efforts to remain married have been exhausted, divorce is an act of kindness. However, many couples presume that their lives after divorce will be easier and happier, offering a second chance at love. Unfortunately, statistical evidence clearly demonstrates that divorce is infinitely more complicated and painful than people expect. Even […]

How to Get A Divorce:Let Me Count the Ways/Laurie Israel, Esq.

August 15, 2010


When asked about the methods of getting a divorce, I find that most prospective clients think that there are only two ways: mediation and litigation. This surprises me, because there are many ways to get a divorce that lie on a continuum between mediation and litigation. In fact, most divorces proceed through one of those […]

What Comprises Half of Communication?

August 13, 2010


You might be married and desire better communication. Or, you might be going through divorce and desire more productive dialogue. There is an article that discusses the art of listening and it is worth reading. It is written for the workplace but its application is universal. The article tells us, in simple but poignant terms, that half of […]

The Get (Jewish Divorce) Procedure/Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

August 5, 2010


Anything that is sacred is sacred at both ends. A sacred day is sanctified at the outset via Kiddush (sanctification), and its sanctity is terminated via a separation (havdalah), a disjoining of the day from the ordinary. Sanctity does not evaporate on its own. Marriage too, as a sacred union, is sanctified at both ends; […]

What to Expect When You are Divorcing/Ms. Shiffie Grossman

August 1, 2010


Divorce isn’t an ideal solution, but sometimes it is the only one. Before you decide to divorce, make sure that you have exhausted all other options. This article will touch on a few basics factors you should be aware of when going through the divorce process. When deciding whether or not to divorce, the question […]