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Divorce and Revenge/Martin Rosenfeld

October 30, 2012


During this past weekend, the pundits were all talking about the election coming up. It was agreed that the attacks on “Romnesia” and other such inanities probably hurt more than it helped the Obama cause. Why therefore did the attacks continue and grow in frequency. One “expert” had an interesting theory: President Obama’s handlers had […]

A New Era of Civility?/Martin Rosenfeld

October 19, 2012


Peggy Noonan wrote about the post-debate era in the Wall Street Journal. Politicians, she feels, can win the debate and lose the post-debate. This is how she explains the recent Romney surge. What interests me is the following snippet: “The president was trying to look strong and commanding, to take control. Did he look strong, […]

Divorce and Children/Martin Rosenfeld

October 14, 2012


I recently found an article written by Rosalind Sedacca that can be found at regarding 5 things to tell children about divorce. The five items are: This is not your fault/Mom and dad will always be your parents/This is about change not blame/Things will work out OK/Mom and Dad will always love you. I […]

Reason for Not Getting Divorced/Martin Rosenfeld

October 7, 2012


On the Huffington Post blogsite, ¬†Beverly Willett wrote a piece “We Are Seven”. The word seven as in “seven years old”. Read the following excerpt and think about the role of divorce in family dysfunction: “If you have a seven-year-old of your own — or a child of any age — I imagine you’ve often […]

When Mediation Must Give Way to Litigation/Martin Rosenfeld

October 2, 2012


Some divorce matters must be litigated. When is this so? A recent blog post outlines some of the tell-tale signs that mediation is not likely to work. These include the following: “If you believe your spouse is being dishonest or disingenuous On some occasions, your spouse may attempt to hide assets or fail to be […]