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What is Divorce?/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

May 6, 2014


(The following article appeared at shortly after the prior post was written. MR) On May 1, 2014, summarized the results of a study on divorce that concluded that divorce may be socially influenced (”New Study Says Divorce Can Be Contagious”). The theory runs something like this; the odds of a couple’s chances of divorce […]

Mediation and the Get/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

March 3, 2014


A recent post appeared by Attorney Morgan Leia Richardson at HuffPo regarding Mediation and the granting of a Get. The article is entitled “5 Ways That Divorce Mediation Can Help Resolve the Get Crisis”. While the article focuses on the Get, its message of the benefits of mediation is true for all situations. The five […]

Move De Line:Agunot and Shalom Bayit/Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran

August 14, 2013


(Editor’s Note: Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran serves as vice president of communications and marketing of the Orthodox Union’s Kashruth Division. His most recent book is “Mediations at Sixty: One Person, Under God, Indivisible,” published by KTAV Publishing House. He is the author of “Kos Eliyahu – Insights into the Haggadah and Pesach” which has been […]

Would You Go to This Attorney-Mediator/Martin Rosenfeld

February 4, 2013


I recently came across this bio written about a Divorce Attorney and Mediator: He has practiced law for over years and is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. He has found that most people want to get through the legal system with their dignity intact and with the best terms they can work out […]

Procedure for Obtaining a Religious Divorce/Rabbi Maurice Lamm

February 5, 2012


(This excerpt can be found at Judaism discourages loneliness, but it also realizes that a bad marriage can be far worse than being alone. Thus Jewish divorce, when necessary, is condoned. People familiar with civil court procedures in divorce matters are not aware of the simplicity, ease and relatively low cost of a Jewish […]

A Lesson From a Very Public Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

November 20, 2011


Dr. Jane Greer, writing for Huffington Post , tried to outline some insights gleaned from the short-lived Kardashian wedding. As she describes it, a number of her clients had begun to ask how soon one may acknowledge that her marriage is not meant to be.  The thoughts by Dr. Greer center about the difference between […]

A President Needs These Two Qualities/Martin Rosenfeld

August 2, 2011


One post-mortem worthy of your review is an article written by William Galston for the New Republic on White House negotiation errors. I will sum up the premise in one sentence. Mr. Galston states that a President needs a core of convictions and the strength to fight for them. President Reagan had this; President Obala […]

Your Parents Were Right:Don’t Whine/Martin Rosenfeld

May 31, 2011


Howard Kurtz on The Daily Beast wrote a whimsical op-ed piece excoriating those politicians who began the makings of a Presidential run only to later wimp out. They wanted more family time, more privacy, etc. As Mr. Kurtz reminds us, the Presidency is a rather cool job. Among its perks are a mansion with a […]

The Beth Din and the Toen/Martin Rosenfeld

April 1, 2011


I receive questions on occasion regarding a Beth Din advocate, or a “Toen”. The question is whether or not in a Divorce-related Din Torah, it is a good idea to come with a Toen. Some parties advertise their availability to serve in such a capacity. They might be Talmudic scholars. Nevertheless, my answer to this […]

The Obama Doctrine and Your Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

March 21, 2011


In recent days, we have read that President Obama has a new doctrine; a brilliant one based on careful study and bridge-building. Conversely, we have read that the President is a leader who leads by “dithering” and “punting”. Which version is correct? The answer seems obvious. To those who tend to favor the President, they […]