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Mediator Selection/Martin Rosenfeld

April 29, 2013


I recently read a post entitled “Preparing for Mediation:A Guide to Mediator Selection”. The author begins his discussion in the following way: “In most cases your attorney will select a mediator for you.” I could not disagree more. Why do I disagree? 1. Your attorney was chosen, likely, for litigation knowledge and skills. Those traits […]

Judging the “Whole” Person/Martin Rosenfeld

April 23, 2013


There is an interesting article in the National Journal about President George W. Bush entitle “Go Ahead, Admit It: George W. Bush is a Good Man”. The author, Ron Fornier talks about the humanity of the former President. (Article appears at . The discussion centers on the fact that Presidents, popular or not, have a certain […]

Talking As A Cure/Martin Rosenfeld

April 15, 2013


A recent article by Laura Landro appeared in the Wall Street Journal on the topic of communication and the doctor-patient relationship. One fascinating insight was that 44% of patients do not know why they are going to have surgery. When such important events are not properly understood it becomes clear that better communication is needed. […]