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Mediation and Dispute Resolution/Martin Rosenfeld

March 30, 2013


A recent article in the Wall Street Journal interviewed Attorney William Zabel, a lawyer who has practiced in the area of estates and trusts for half of a century. He discussed disputes that occur within families when will contests break out. At times, the disputes are over matters that are not even especially valuable. One […]

Communication and Child Custody/Martin Rosenfeld

March 24, 2013


I belong to a listserve where a mediator asked for the best computer-based program for dealing with custody issues. A program was identified as being most helpful. This all makes me wonder what people did before computer programs on this topic were available. Perhaps they actually communicated in those days. There is no substitute for […]

You’re a Caregiver, You’re a Hero, and You’re Exhausted/Dr. Mark Banschick

March 9, 2013


This excerpt from Psychology Today deals with caregivers but can apply to all with post-divorce stress. Dr. Banschick is a frequent contributor to these discussions on this blog. 1. Acceptance is critical. Not a mournful acceptance; whatever will be, will be. No, you must accept that life is capricious and that our measure is not in what happens […]

Divorce and Victimization/Martin Rosenfeld

March 4, 2013


I recently saw a lecture title relative to feeling victimized by divorce. Victimization comes about when a person feels powerless to change their circumstances. The odds are stacked against them! What can I do? I do not feel that couples who sign on to mediation feel this way. While it might be true that only […]