Mission Statement for “CivilDivorceCivilGet” Blog

This blog deals with the issue of how to attain civility and dignity in the divorce process.  A specific emphasis is placed on the ethics of Jewish Divorce and obtaining a Jewish Get, with propriety and civility.  The traditional practice of having two attorneys litigate a divorce matter, and eventually reach an accord, is, all too often,  costly, traumatic, and harmful to family relationships.  The alternative to such activity is divorce mediation or collaborative divorce.  This blog offers an array of authors, writing on a wide range of topics, with the idea that “Civil Divorce” is indeed attainable.  Because many readers of this blog are Jewish, there is discussion, as well,  on Beth Din and Get Procedures. However, the articles would be of interest to any reader who may be seeking a civil approach towrads the process of divorce. (You may also wish to visit the blog dealing with Torah thoughts relating to self-help at http://www.TorahInspiration.Wordpress.Com)).

Many of the posts have been written by prominent mediators, therapists, rabbis, and other communal leaders.  You may not agree with all that is written here, but there will be much that gives you food for thought.  Ultimately, this blog will be successful if it affords couples the opportunity to decide what their divorce process will entail.  Civil and dignified divorce is indeed possible to attain, when one is armed with the right knowledge base and with a desire to attain a Win-Win resolution.

Additional information can be found at our website at www.CivilDivorceCivilGet.com. The concept of “Civil Divorce” is introduced at this website.  This blog, which is a companion to the website, is edited by Martin Rosenfeld, a New Jersey divorce mediator/attorney, educator, and clergyman.  Martin has also served as a administrator for a Beth Din of national repute.

You may contact Martin with individual questions at: Rosenfeld@Juno.Com or visit his website at http://www.NJMediationWorks.com.  Any private communications, meant to be confidential, are kept in strictest confidence.

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