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Choosing a Marital Therapist/Michele Weiner-Davis

September 28, 2011


Editor’s Note: The last article by Michele was warmly received. This article too is well worth your cosideration. MR It amazes me that most people decide to end their marriages without seeking professional help. The decision of whether to divorce or not is probably the most important decision anyone will ever make. Yet, the fact […]

For the Sake of the Kids/Michele Weiner-Davis

September 19, 2011


The Chicago Tribune asked its readers, “Should couples stay in unhappy marriages for the sake of the kids?” I felt compelled to respond and here’s what they printed: Chicago Tribune As the author of the book, Divorce Busting, and someone who has a keen interest in the impact of divorce on families, I am eager […]

When Listening is Important/Martin Rosenfeld

September 19, 2011


The NJ Star-Ledger gave out a “knucklehead award” to the White Castle food chain. It seems that Martin Kessman, a portly 290-pounds, sued White Castle because its cramped seats discriminated against heavy patrons. But Mr. Kessman did not get the award despite his frivolous suit. White Castle was so honored because of its reaction to […]

What is Low-Conflict Divorce?/Martin Rosenfeld

September 11, 2011


Heidi Stevens of the Chicago Tribune wrote a thought-provoking article on divorce that appears on the HuffPro website. Most marriages that end in divorce are attributable, says Ms. Stevens, to low-conflict causes and not adultery, scandal, etc. She puts the figure on low-conflict divorce at 60%. What happens in low-conflict divorce. We stop paying attention […]

Dividing Up the Stuff/M. Marcy Jones, Esq.

September 4, 2011


When you get married, the law recognizes you and your spouse as a single person (or “entity”), rather than two. For example, when two single people own a piece of property together, under the law they are “joint tenants” and each has a one-half interest in the property. If one of the two people dies, […]