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Do You Know What You Want?/Martin Rosenfeld

September 25, 2013


Harvard University has made available a report from its Program on Mediation entitled “5 Common Business Negotiation Mistakes”. (You may get information on this at Negotiation is something that is involved in all commercial and family-related mediations. The mistake that struck me as most relevant is the mistake of not knowing what you truly […]

Thoughts From the News About Negotiating/Martin Rosenfeld

September 18, 2013


Writing in, Victor Davis Hanson had this to say in a recent post on the Syrian situation: Congress was and was not to be consulted; was to be on and off the hook; its vote no doubt supportive, no doubt obstructionist; its final say both binding and maybe not so binding. Killing tens of […]

Lessons I Have Learned As a Divorce Mediator/Martin Rosenfeld

September 8, 2013


The Torah operates with a rule that “Miklal Lav Atah Shomea Hen”; i.e. we learn the positive action from a negative statement. If something is forbidden, we can presume that the opposite action would be laudatory. I have worked as a divorce mediator and family attorney for a number of years. People often ask if […]