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Divorce, Teenagers, and Mood Disorders/ Dr. Mark Banschick

July 14, 2010


Divorce can create a range of conflicting emotions for teenagers, and their moods can swing many times during the day. (There are no definitive statistics as to the rate of Jewish divorce, but it is likely not dissimilar from the national rate of approximately 50%.  Divorce in Orthodox Jewish homes has been estimated to be […]

The Beth Din and You/Martin Rosenfeld

July 13, 2010


A Beth Din is a religious Court. Many people assume a Beth Din may only issue a Get and has no other function. This is not true. Many Beth Din organizations deal with commercial and family law disputes. A couple going through a divorce may submit all claims (except for custody of children) to the […]

How to Select a Divorce Mediator/Martin Rosenfeld

July 12, 2010


As a divorce mediator, I think much about what makes a good mediator. Of course, you need references, word-of-mouth feedback, convenient office hours, etc. However, there are other factors I would suggest be considered when selecting a mediator. I will outline a few of the more subtle tips to aid you in your important decision. […]

An Article Worth Reading

July 11, 2010


There is an article published last week about divorce, that is worth reading.  The author’s name is Attorney Laurie Israel and in the article she discusses divorce, mediation, happiness, and life’s plans.  I have not mentioned the article’s name as it gives a misleading impression of how profound an article it truly is.  The link is provided for your […]

When a Divorce Mediation Does Not Lead to a Total Agreement

July 7, 2010


Clients who are interested in Divorce Mediation will ask if mediation makes sense even if there will be issues that are not able to be resolved via mediation. Does it make sense to mediate if e.g. only 8 of 10 issues will be resolved via mediation? I believe the answer to this question is in […]

The Internet, Divorce, and Children/ Dr. Mark Banschick

July 5, 2010


The Internet opens worlds for us all, but for unhappily married folks, it opens up dangers as well. People get divorced for many reasons, and this is an ancient truth. Anger, alcohol, hurt, coldness, money problems and infidelity are some of the most common. The Internet does not cause these problems but can accelerate some […]

A Note of Introduction to Civil Divorce/Civil Get

July 4, 2010


A group of Jewish professionals consisting of Mental Health Professionals, Rabbis, Mediators, and Attorneys have formed a new group called Civil Divorce/Civil Get. Its mission statement is listed below: Mission Statement:   The mission of Civil Divorce/Civil Get is to encourage more civil and just ways for Jewish families to obtain both a civil divorce and a […]