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Enter G-D/Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

December 13, 2010


Editor’s Note: The following is a fitting conclusion to Rabbi Bulka’s book on divorce. It sums up, in many ways, the purpose of this blogsite; to pursue civil methods of ending one’s marriage. MR Peace is so vital to the community that, in the words of the Midrash (Leviticus Rabbah, 9:9), “G‑d allows the Name […]

The Decision to Divorce/Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

September 28, 2010


It is vitally important for the couple to realize that once the reality of their having to be divorced settles in as being inevitable, the ground rules of the relationship change dramatically. This in itself is not easily achievable, but the awareness of this crucial difference changes the pressures and the expectations. It should therefore […]

The Get (Jewish Divorce) Procedure/Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

August 5, 2010


Anything that is sacred is sacred at both ends. A sacred day is sanctified at the outset via Kiddush (sanctification), and its sanctity is terminated via a separation (havdalah), a disjoining of the day from the ordinary. Sanctity does not evaporate on its own. Marriage too, as a sacred union, is sanctified at both ends; […]