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A Negotiation Lesson/Martin Rosenfeld

August 7, 2011


A contributor to the NJ Star Ledger, Lee Miller, penned an article on the lessons learned from the debt ceiling negotiations. Mr. Miller posits that by insisting that tax increases were necessary, as a pre-condition, President Obama cut off the possibility of the parties reaching a better and quicker agreement on their issues. His advice […]

A President Needs These Two Qualities/Martin Rosenfeld

August 2, 2011


One post-mortem worthy of your review is an article written by William Galston for the New Republic on White House negotiation errors. I will sum up the premise in one sentence. Mr. Galston states that a President needs a core of convictions and the strength to fight for them. President Reagan had this; President Obala […]

Keys to Resolving Conflict/Martin Rosenfeld

April 22, 2011


On there is an article by Diana Mercer summarizing her findings on mediation. Her book is entitled “The 8 Keys to Resolving Family Conflict”. This article is succinct and of great importance. I would like to focus on one of Ms. Mercer’s theses: “Keep the conversation going:Life is a dialogue.” Very little is ever […]

Budgets, Politics, and Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld

April 10, 2011


The newspapers are replete with the analyses about winners and losers in the budget battle. The President won because he was seen as a bridge between the parties, but he lost because he was too passive. Republicans won because they cut significant money from the budget but they lost because they were seen as opposing […]

Being Taken Seriously/Martin Rosenfeld

January 26, 2011


An Atlanta print journalist, Kyle Wingfield, asked whether we can take the President seriously after his State of the Union address, in light of inconsistencies and inflated claims. Mr. Kingfield is no fan of the President. The fact remains that politicians are often inconsistent and blustery in what they say. Perhaps this is why they […]

An Era of Civility/Martin Rosenfeld

January 13, 2011


The buzz today is about President Obama’s memorial speech in Tucson. Two points that were made included: We need an era of civility It is pointless to argue about who caused what, when it is impossible to ascertain such cause-and-effect. These points are part of the mission statement of this blog and its website.  The time for […]

Bill Clinton and Mediation Theory

December 13, 2010


A recent piece by Howard Kurtz analyzed the dynamic that lies at the heart of the recent decision by President Obama to invite former President Clinton to a conference on the tax plan being considered. The contrast between the two men and their approaches to politics is analyzed in succinct fashion. However, there is one […]