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Who Cares?/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

December 5, 2016


Rep. Paul Ryan was asked on “60 Minutes” if it bothered him that President-elect Trump tweets such fallacious claims such as the “fact” that millions of illegal votes went to Secretary Hillary Clinton in the recent election. His reaction was characterized my many as being roughly the following: ” Who cares. He has a job […]

Negotiation 1.0/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

January 1, 2016


Time Magazine had an interesting piece on Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. In a fractured Congress, how does he expect to get work accomplished? The Ryan answer was simple: “If I can’t get a mile, I’ll take an inch.” Negotiation is the art of knowing what is possible to attain. Ask for too much […]

Fibbing in Negotiations/Martin Rosenfeld

August 17, 2012


Paul Ryan accepted money for Wisconsin through the Obama stimulus package. Not much newsworthy there except for one thing: He first denied accepting such money. You lose credibility when you twist the facts to meet your own needs. In a negotiation, always be honest and straight-forward if you wish to be taken seriously. If you […]

Keys to Resolving Conflict/Martin Rosenfeld

April 22, 2011


On there is an article by Diana Mercer summarizing her findings on mediation. Her book is entitled “The 8 Keys to Resolving Family Conflict”. This article is succinct and of great importance. I would like to focus on one of Ms. Mercer’s theses: “Keep the conversation going:Life is a dialogue.” Very little is ever […]