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Styles of Obama & Biden/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

August 17, 2020


Alex Thompson is the Political National Reporter for On August 14, 2020, he wrote a piece discussing the relationship between President Obama and his VP, Joseph Biden. (“The President Was Not Encouraging: What Obama Really thought About Biden”)Clearly the two men had different styles and personalities. Some of the insights found in the article […]

Thoughts From the News About Negotiating/Martin Rosenfeld

September 18, 2013


Writing in, Victor Davis Hanson had this to say in a recent post on the Syrian situation: Congress was and was not to be consulted; was to be on and off the hook; its vote no doubt supportive, no doubt obstructionist; its final say both binding and maybe not so binding. Killing tens of […]

A New Era of Civility?/Martin Rosenfeld

October 19, 2012


Peggy Noonan wrote about the post-debate era in the Wall Street Journal. Politicians, she feels, can win the debate and lose the post-debate. This is how she explains the recent Romney surge. What interests me is the following snippet: “The president was trying to look strong and commanding, to take control. Did he look strong, […]

The U.S., Mubarak, and Divorce Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld

February 1, 2011


News Item: US declares Pres. Mobarak must remove the state of emergency rule. News Item: This rule was imposed in 1981. Sometimes we learn of the harm made by decisions we have made, only years later. We do not know the future and hence we are often shielded from reality, until it finally hits. It […]