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Getting Close/Martin Rosenfeld

July 9, 2013


One of the creative political commentators over the decades is a gentleman by the name of Norman Ornstein. Mr. Ornstein recently suggested, tongue-in-cheek that he had a suggestion to break the gridlock in Washington. Why not build multiple housing units in view of the Congress and require the legislators to live there when they are […]

Divorce in Later Years/Martin Rosenfeld

June 2, 2013


Attorney Denise Tamir recently wrote about “Gray Divorce” (divorce among those 50 or older) at The divorce rate among older individuals has risen from 10% in 1990 to 25% in 2013. The change in divorce rate is possibly due to the fact that women earn greater salaries today and are less fearful of life […]

Mediation and the Bill of Rights/Martin Rosenfeld

May 23, 2013


The NY Public Library has had an original  copy of the Bill of Rights. (14 original copies had been made in 1789.)  The only problem is that a copy had been missing from the State of Pennsylvania archives. It was suspected that the New York copy was actually the copy that had been owned by […]

What About the Kids?/Martin Rosenfeld

March 14, 2012


It has been stated that effective writing is when the written word seems to be in conversational English. We are writing as if we were having a dialogue with our reader. Such an article about children and divorce recently appeared at The article,”Do Children Fare Better in a Mediated or Litigated Divorce?”, by Dr. […]

An Approach to High Conflict People/Martin Rosenfeld

July 24, 2011


Bill Eddy is an attorney, mediator, and therapist. In July’s edition of,Attorney Eddy explains how to deal with High Conflict People by a method called E.A.R. We can ca;m people’s upsetedness by showing Empathy, Attention, and Respect. Working with the self-evident proposition that High Conflict People get upset rather easily, Attorney Eddy lays out […]

Introduction to Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld

September 22, 2010


Mediation is a means by which a trained third-party, the mediator, helps two parties get to a resolution of their dispute or problem. There is nothing magical about mediation; it is a process that believes the parties best equipped to resolve their differences are the parties who are in disagreement. The process of mediation is […]

A Halakhically Approved Marital Agreement to Mediate/ Rabbi Dr. David Mescheloff, Moshav Hemed 50295 Israel

July 19, 2010


(Editor’s Note: Rabbi Dr. David Mescheloff is a noted scholar and rabbi living in Israel.  We thank Rav Mescheloff for bringing his rabbinic experience to the attention of this blog’s readers.  What is unique about his approach is the creation of a marital agreement whose sole aim is to bring a couple in crisis to […]