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Phobia of Divorce:Another Perspective/Dr. Robert Lebovits

June 6, 2013


For some time now I have more closely examined the manner in which clients organize their lives, attend to certain pains and ignore others, and create their own realities by the choices they make. On any number of occasions I have heard a client present some self-described insurmountable hurdle that essentially precludes any progress (e.g., […]

Procedure for Obtaining a Religious Divorce/Rabbi Maurice Lamm

February 5, 2012


(This excerpt can be found at Judaism discourages loneliness, but it also realizes that a bad marriage can be far worse than being alone. Thus Jewish divorce, when necessary, is condoned. People familiar with civil court procedures in divorce matters are not aware of the simplicity, ease and relatively low cost of a Jewish […]

Please Listen to Little Yankie/Rabbi Yakov Horowitz

November 24, 2011


This essay is dedicated in loving memory of my dear father, Reb Shlome ben Reb Yakov Moshe Horowitz, whose yahrtzeit is Rosh Chodesh Iyar. May the positive outcomes of the dissemination of this column be a zechus for his neshama.  In his classic poem, The Rainbow, William Wordsworth coined the phrase, “The child is father […]

The Beth Din and the Toen/Martin Rosenfeld

April 1, 2011


I receive questions on occasion regarding a Beth Din advocate, or a “Toen”. The question is whether or not in a Divorce-related Din Torah, it is a good idea to come with a Toen. Some parties advertise their availability to serve in such a capacity. They might be Talmudic scholars. Nevertheless, my answer to this […]

The Obama Doctrine and Your Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

March 21, 2011


In recent days, we have read that President Obama has a new doctrine; a brilliant one based on careful study and bridge-building. Conversely, we have read that the President is a leader who leads by “dithering” and “punting”. Which version is correct? The answer seems obvious. To those who tend to favor the President, they […]

Reading the Tea Leaves/Martin Rosenfeld

March 9, 2011


In a recent op-ed piece, Leslie Gelb, a former journalist and senior government official, wrote a compelling argument about why the US should refrain from aiding the Libyan rebels who are fighting the Gaddafi government. His argument is summarized as follows: We do not know who these rebels are. Who is to say that they […]

Being Taken Seriously/Martin Rosenfeld

January 26, 2011


An Atlanta print journalist, Kyle Wingfield, asked whether we can take the President seriously after his State of the Union address, in light of inconsistencies and inflated claims. Mr. Kingfield is no fan of the President. The fact remains that politicians are often inconsistent and blustery in what they say. Perhaps this is why they […]