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Taking a Solemn Oath/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

November 13, 2014


A divorce attorney, Krista Barth, wrote a column for Huffington Post on wedding vows she would include in a wedding ceremony, if she had the authority to do so. Attorney Barth concludes her thought-provoking column with the concluding “vow”: “If ever you decide this marriage is over, you will agree to an uncontested divorce,without lawyers,remembering […]

It Takes Two/Martin Rosenfeld

December 23, 2012


A recent post at HuffPo by an author named Becky deals with “An Open Letter” about one person’s divorce. There is both pathos and humor in this discussion. One paragraph stood out for me: “Things don’t always work out as planned, my dear married friends. Even with every intention of staying married, my husband and […]

Reason for Not Getting Divorced/Martin Rosenfeld

October 7, 2012


On the Huffington Post blogsite, ¬†Beverly Willett wrote a piece “We Are Seven”. The word seven as in “seven years old”. Read the following excerpt and think about the role of divorce in family dysfunction: “If you have a seven-year-old of your own — or a child of any age — I imagine you’ve often […]

A Lesson From a Very Public Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

November 20, 2011


Dr. Jane Greer, writing for Huffington Post , tried to outline some insights gleaned from the short-lived Kardashian wedding. As she describes it, a number of her clients had begun to ask how soon one may acknowledge that her marriage is not meant to be. ¬†The thoughts by Dr. Greer center about the difference between […]

Children and Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

February 6, 2011


Many articles are in print on the topic if the effect of divorce on children. However, it is still true that a “picture can be worth 1000 words”. In the recent Divorce section, found at the Huffington Post site, there is a feature entitled “Kids Draw Their Parents’ Splits”. If you are divorcing, and wondering […]

A Mistake to Avoid in Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

November 27, 2010


The Huffington Post has added a section on divorce-related issues. In a recent blog piece, Nina Collins outlined 5 mistakes to avoid in negotiating a divorce. I will discuss one below, as it is better coming from a non-attorney. Ms. Collins reminds us of the following: “Lawyers are paid to go back and forth. No […]