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Mediation and Positive Thinking/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

March 13, 2014


There is an apocryphal story about a minister’s son who was likewise planned to enter the clerical life. The son asked his father what quality he needed to be a successful clergyman. The father answered that one needed a gift of imagination. The son was confused and asked for clarification. The answer: “When you get […]

Noah and You/Martin Rosenfeld

October 2, 2013


If Noah was a truly righteous, how could he allow himself to sink into alcoholism? Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski often cites this as a sign that the times had changed. Man’s nature was affected by the Great Flood and the bodily constitution had gone through changes. The alcohol level Noah could tolerate had obviously become […]

The Key to Wisdom/Martin Rosenfeld

July 17, 2013


There is an expression in the Talmudic literature that states the following: “The safeguard for wisdom is silence.” One of the legendary legislators of this past centurt was the Speaker of the House, Sam Rayburn. Mr. Rayburn was known for his laconic and reserved personality. When asked why he spoke so little in public, he […]

Phobia of Divorce:Another Perspective/Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW

June 5, 2013


(Editor’s Note: The post by Dr. Klafter was read and discussed by many. Another perspective is presented by Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW. Rabbi Feuerman maintains a private practice in psychotherapy and is on the staff of OHEL. He is President of the NEFESH organization.) First of all, heartfelt thanks to Dr. Klafter for fearlessly bringing […]

Would You Go to This Attorney-Mediator/Martin Rosenfeld

February 4, 2013


I recently came across this bio written about a Divorce Attorney and Mediator: He has practiced law for over years and is a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law. He has found that most people want to get through the legal system with their dignity intact and with the best terms they can work out […]

Am I To Blame?/Martin Rosenfeld

November 18, 2011


Jonah Goldberg wrote a humorous/contemplative piece about whether or not the average American is now to blame for America’s problems…along with George W. Bush, the Japanese tsunami, Wall Street, etc.,etc. This piece has a trenchant point to make. It is foolish to place the blame for failings on others. But this is what many do […]

“Divorce Tourism” – American Style/Laurie Israel, Esq.

November 14, 2011


“Divorce Tourism” is the invention of Vijesh Thakkar, owner of a Mumbai tour company, KV Tours and Travel.  After watching his best friend’s marriage disintegrate, Thakkar wondered if he could help other married couples heading for divorce. With this impetus in mind, he launched “divorce tourism” packages in 2009 to help couples who are heading towards […]