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A Mediator and “Full-Service”/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

November 7, 2018


A mediator is a professional who helps parties involved in disputes avoid reaching an impasse. But the Mediator may truly be able to impact on lives in ways not conveyed in a simple job-description. Because of her/his role of trust, a Mediator might find that there is a role to play in the following mental […]

The Cost of Human Life/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

February 6, 2015


In law school, I was introduced to the economic model associated with the University of Chicago in assessing what one should pay in order to save a human life. If, for example, a safer piece of equipment will cost millions of dollars to produce, and will save 10 lives, is that cost an advisable one to assume? […]

The “Cost” Of Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

October 4, 2013


(This article appeared at as it appears here, but with a different title.MR) There is a statement in the Zohar that indicates that everything requires Mazel, even the Sefer Torah itself. The explanation I heard about this thought is that a Sefer Torah is chosen or not chosen from the Aron by a series […]

Who is My Client?/Roxanne Abrams,MS,NCC

August 24, 2013


One of the fundamentals of my work in couples therapy begins with this critical question, and it is one which, I believe, underlies the importance of doing clinical work as a part of exploring options in a marriage. At the very beginning of my professional relationship with a couple, often even before we meet for […]

Phobia of Divorce:One Last Perspective/Rabbi Dr. Yehuda Krohn

June 8, 2013


A distinction that is useful for me starts with the following question:  Is the individual projecting primarily positive or negative traits of self onto his or her spouse?  Many of the clients about whom Dr. Klafter speaks – those who suffer from “divorce-o-phobia” – have relinquished their capacity for self-love, self-nurturance and self-direction.  Over the […]

Phobia of Divorce:Another Perspective/Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW

June 5, 2013


(Editor’s Note: The post by Dr. Klafter was read and discussed by many. Another perspective is presented by Rabbi Simcha Feuerman, LCSW. Rabbi Feuerman maintains a private practice in psychotherapy and is on the staff of OHEL. He is President of the NEFESH organization.) First of all, heartfelt thanks to Dr. Klafter for fearlessly bringing […]

Phobia of Divorce/Dr. Nachum Klafter

June 2, 2013


(Ed. Note: Dr. Nachum Klafter is a practicing psychiatrist, residing in Cincinnati, Ohio. Because of the importance of the thoughts expressed in this post, it is also included in the blogsite  It is my sense that many of our patients have a phobia of divorce.  This includes Torah observant Jews, and non-Jews.  What do […]