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Mediation and the Get/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

March 3, 2014


A recent post appeared by Attorney Morgan Leia Richardson at HuffPo regarding Mediation and the granting of a Get. The article is entitled “5 Ways That Divorce Mediation Can Help Resolve the Get Crisis”. While the article focuses on the Get, its message of the benefits of mediation is true for all situations. The five […]

Jewish Ethics And Divorce/Rabbi Dr. Reuven Bulka

February 10, 2014


(The thoughts of Rabbi Dr. Bulka on divorce have appeared in this blog before. Below Rabbi Bulka applies the teachings of Pirke Avot to the divorce situation. MR) “Ethics of the Elders,” what is popularly known as Pirkay Avot, contains timeless ethical instruction for all contingencies of life. Since divorce is one of life’s contingencies, […]

Divorce and Nesting/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

December 26, 2013


The Boston Globe recently had an article entitled “Separated but living under one roof–for now” penned by Karen Baskin. The discussion centered around a new phenomenon known as “nesting”. Nesting refers to the sharing of a residence by newly divorced couples who wish to maintain a joint residence for the sake of their children. The […]

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: A Get is Not a Weapon/Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran

December 3, 2013


(The following article by Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran appeared on the sites of Arutz7 and Voz Iz Neias.  It is written with both eloquence and sensitivity and is a frank, first-person  discussion of the role of a Get in the dissolution process. MR)   Breaking up is hard to do, but we must not have […]

Negotiating With Skill/Martin Rosenfeld

October 28, 2013


The current issue of Inc. contains a short interview with TV host, George Stephanopoulos. The TV anchor of “Good Morning America” gives a number of tips for a successful interview, among which are the following: -Prepare extensively -Ask “Why” -Watch For Facial Cues The above three tips are helpful for many forms of human interaction. They are […]

Agunah, Facebook, and Mediation/Rabbi Martin Rosenfeld

March 24, 2012


(Disclosure: I have volunteered in recent weeks to mediate the Agunah dispute in the Epstein/Friedman matter. I have never been involved in this matter in a professional way, as only Mr. Friedman agreed to mediation. Mr. Friedman will only be aware of this article after it appears. I speak for no person but myself in […]

Procedure for Obtaining a Religious Divorce/Rabbi Maurice Lamm

February 5, 2012


(This excerpt can be found at Judaism discourages loneliness, but it also realizes that a bad marriage can be far worse than being alone. Thus Jewish divorce, when necessary, is condoned. People familiar with civil court procedures in divorce matters are not aware of the simplicity, ease and relatively low cost of a Jewish […]