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Your Parents Were Right:Don’t Whine/Martin Rosenfeld

May 31, 2011


Howard Kurtz on The Daily Beast wrote a whimsical op-ed piece excoriating those politicians who began the makings of a Presidential run only to later wimp out. They wanted more family time, more privacy, etc. As Mr. Kurtz reminds us, the Presidency is a rather cool job. Among its perks are a mansion with a […]

The Beth Din and the Toen/Martin Rosenfeld

April 1, 2011


I receive questions on occasion regarding a Beth Din advocate, or a “Toen”. The question is whether or not in a Divorce-related Din Torah, it is a good idea to come with a Toen. Some parties advertise their availability to serve in such a capacity. They might be Talmudic scholars. Nevertheless, my answer to this […]

The Obama Doctrine and Your Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

March 21, 2011


In recent days, we have read that President Obama has a new doctrine; a brilliant one based on careful study and bridge-building. Conversely, we have read that the President is a leader who leads by “dithering” and “punting”. Which version is correct? The answer seems obvious. To those who tend to favor the President, they […]

Reading the Tea Leaves/Martin Rosenfeld

March 9, 2011


In a recent op-ed piece, Leslie Gelb, a former journalist and senior government official, wrote a compelling argument about why the US should refrain from aiding the Libyan rebels who are fighting the Gaddafi government. His argument is summarized as follows: We do not know who these rebels are. Who is to say that they […]

10 Ways to Have A Civil Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld

March 6, 2011


In this culture of Top-10 Lists, I thought it might be appropriate to have a List of 10 ways to have a Civil Divorce. In no particular order, they are: 1. Keep your children out of all controversies, but do remind them that both parents still love them. 2. Consider divorce mediation. 3. Consider collaborative […]

Shedding My Mask:Facing Divorce/S.L. Weinstock

December 4, 2010


(This is excerpted from an article at For you see, the life I was living before my marriage fell apart was a life so full of fears and anxieties that it was impossible to maintain my sanity through it all. It was a life of overwhelming unease, of fear of being found out, of […]

The 2010 Election and Divorce Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld

November 7, 2010


One of the lingering issues that has survived the recent election is whether or not President Obama can dispel feelings that he is aloof and/or elitist in his approach. President Clinton made adjustments to his political approach 2 years after he was first elected President. Can President Obama duplicate the same transformation? As an electorate, […]