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Lessons I Have Learned As a Divorce Mediator/Martin Rosenfeld

September 8, 2013


The Torah operates with a rule that “Miklal Lav Atah Shomea Hen”; i.e. we learn the positive action from a negative statement. If something is forbidden, we can presume that the opposite action would be laudatory. I have worked as a divorce mediator and family attorney for a number of years. People often ask if […]

Who is My Client?/Roxanne Abrams,MS,NCC

August 24, 2013


One of the fundamentals of my work in couples therapy begins with this critical question, and it is one which, I believe, underlies the importance of doing clinical work as a part of exploring options in a marriage. At the very beginning of my professional relationship with a couple, often even before we meet for […]

Move De Line:Agunot and Shalom Bayit/Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran

August 14, 2013


(Editor’s Note: Rabbi Dr. Eliyahu Safran serves as vice president of communications and marketing of the Orthodox Union’s Kashruth Division. His most recent book is “Mediations at Sixty: One Person, Under God, Indivisible,” published by KTAV Publishing House. He is the author of “Kos Eliyahu – Insights into the Haggadah and Pesach” which has been […]

Are You Ready For Divorce?/Martin Rosenfeld

July 27, 2013


A recent blog post that made its way to website is entitled: “Are You Ready For Divorce: The 8 Questions You Need to Ask”. In this piece, authors Dr. Bruce Derman and Ms. Wendy Gregson discuss the question of how you know if you are ready, psychologically and emotionally, for divorce. I will focus […]

Divorce and Revenge/Martin Rosenfeld

October 30, 2012


During this past weekend, the pundits were all talking about the election coming up. It was agreed that the attacks on “Romnesia” and other such inanities probably hurt more than it helped the Obama cause. Why therefore did the attacks continue and grow in frequency. One “expert” had an interesting theory: President Obama’s handlers had […]

A New Era of Civility?/Martin Rosenfeld

October 19, 2012


Peggy Noonan wrote about the post-debate era in the Wall Street Journal. Politicians, she feels, can win the debate and lose the post-debate. This is how she explains the recent Romney surge. What interests me is the following snippet: “The president was trying to look strong and commanding, to take control. Did he look strong, […]

Agunah, Facebook, and Mediation/Rabbi Martin Rosenfeld

March 24, 2012


(Disclosure: I have volunteered in recent weeks to mediate the Agunah dispute in the Epstein/Friedman matter. I have never been involved in this matter in a professional way, as only Mr. Friedman agreed to mediation. Mr. Friedman will only be aware of this article after it appears. I speak for no person but myself in […]