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Mediating for the Future/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

September 10, 2016


We think of mediation often in terms of current needs such as child support, alimony, division of property, etc. However, future issues are no less important in a mediation agreement. Future-looking issues may include: *Methods for resolving future disputes *Paying for future parties, weddings, etc. *Methods by which future expenses (e.g. medical, mental health, etc.) […]

Winning Isn’t Everything/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

July 31, 2016


In any negotiation a party has a choice between winning on every possible issue or getting to a fair agreement with the other side. The late Coach, Vince Lombardi, once said “Winning isn’t the best thing, it is the only thing.” But is winning in a negotiation truly the only thing? Consider the following: *If […]

Divorce Mediation in the U.K./Martin Rosenfeld

June 21, 2016


There is a TV program in the UK that centers around divorce and mediation. At the current time, divorce mediation cases in the UK numbers 17,000/yearly. 90% of those cases will have a positive resolution. The UK newspaper, The Telegraph, ¬†described a progam entitled: “Mr V. Mrs: Call the Mediator” The show focuses on a […]

Negotiating Tip/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

June 19, 2016


This negotiation strategy comes from this week’s segment of the Harvard Program on Negotiation: Sunday Minute Summary: Don’t just focus on what each party wants in your negotiations. Adopt an investigative mindset and ask why? A teacher of mine once stated that people do not do things without reason. They may do things for a […]

A Lesson From “Anyone But Trump”/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

May 5, 2016


A recent trend is the “Anyone But Trump” movement. Recently, a Republican stalwart was asked if this feeling had dissipated since the rivals to Trump had been defeated. It was now inevitable that Mr. Trump would be the standard bearer for the Republicans. The response was “I still can’t vote for him. I owe it […]

A Comment to an Article on Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

May 1, 2016


I was reading an article on HuffPo about divorce-horror stories. I thought I might find something to blog about. But the the articles are all the same. The point common to all of¬†them is “Don’t people act in a bizarre fashion in Divorce situations?”. Nothing there that was new and different. Then I read the […]

A Real Estate Divorce/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

April 16, 2016


In the April 11, 2016 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Peter Grant wrote about the split of the Durst Fetner Residential organization wherein a residential development business was re-configured. Members of the Durst and Fetner families participated in a amicable split of the business into two new legal entities. As Jody Durst explained it;”Everyone […]