Mediation and Non-Monetary Factors/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on August 15, 2020


More/Less money is not always the key to a resolution of disputes. A party e.g. in a labor dispute may not be as interested in money as they are in other factors. What might these incentives be? The following list is a sampling of possible non-monetary aids in resolving a labor dispute:
1. A written apology for a perceived wrong by a party.
2. Additional days off or vacation days.
3. Opportunities to do work from home.
4. Special recognition such as dedicated parking spot, choicer office space, flex-time.
5. Change of title assigned to the employee.
6. Discount tickets for museums, local shops, gyms, etc.
7. Contract extension.
8. Special breakfast or luncheon honoring specific employees.

While money may make the world go round, do not i=underestimate the power provided by showing appreciation, honor, or courtesy to employees who deserve the”extra mile”.