Isolating and Separating?Martin Rosenfeld,JD

Posted on June 14, 2020


A post by Hadassah Fidler appeared at (June 12, 2020)on the issue of “Separation in Isolation”. What advice can be given to couples who are contemplating divorce while simultaneously isolating under one roof, due to COVID-19? An Israeli psychologist, Dr. Yossi Shafer suggests that the couple focus on survival and not dwell on long-range plans.Some specific strategies cited in the post include the following:
*Carve out private zones where the individual can have some space that is safe from controversial discussions.
*Devise time schedules where the individual is the sole user of the e.g. kitchen space.
*Plan a time for pertinent discussions that pertain to ironing out the kinks of the daily schedules.
*Try to use this time to show added kindness to one another. Pandemic times are stressful in and of themselves. Extra sensitivity and consideration during this time will be helpful to all involved. This is a good time for less stress rather than more stress.

If the above suggestions do not seem to be working, remote mediation may be a worthy pursuit. With a little forethought and basic humanity, this time can pass without adding to the dramas of daily life.