Listening is a Lost Art/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on December 14, 2019


Dean Rusk, the late Secretary of State for two administrations, once said the following: “One of the best ways of persuading others is to listen to them.” One of the cardinal teachings of Dale Carnegie is that people want to know they are being heard. Strong leaders use their ability to listen to accomplish a great deal.Often, the party who listens effectively, is also adjudged to be an effective conversationalist. Without listening, there is no learning and there is no positive movement in dispute resolution. There is a statement in the Jewish tradition, that we have two ears and one month so that we listen more than we talk. The late Speaker of the House, Dem. Sam Rayburn noted that we never learn from talking, only from listening. If you face the need to resolve a dispute, start by listening. It is the best way to find a solution to aid in problem solving.