The Awful Parent/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on June 6, 2019


On June 4, 2019, Clare Ansberry wrote an article for WSJ about the screaming parent who ruins Little League games by his/her obnoxious demeanor at a child’s e.g. baseball game. What does this parent do? “[Kids} hate the nonverbal stuff. They don’t want them (i.e. parents) to act up. And if they do, kids see that as a cue. ‘If mom and dad can yell at the ump, why can’t I yell at the ump.'” The picture of a child’s embarrassment is well described. Now take divorced parents who mock each other, spy on each other, and exhibit inappropriate behaviors in front of their children. How embarrassed is the child of such divorced parents? What negative behaviors will it teach the children? Being able to hold one’s tongue post-divorce may seem like a small thing. Ask you child(ren) if they agree.