The War on Truth/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on May 10, 2019


Erick Erickson is a political columnist and editor of Although his views are decidedly conservative, at times he seems to take aim at his own support group. The result often makes for engaging commentary. On May 10, 2019, Mr. Erickson wrote a commentary on recent controversies that trouble all moral individuals. The comments are found here:(

Mr. Erickson discusses two examples of theology gone terribly wrong. One example was the shooting in a California synagogue that led to bloodshed. The assailant excused his killing by explaining that he was a devout Christian and he acted within Church teachings about hatred of the Jew. In the other example cited in the article, a Georgia mayor would not allow the hiring of a black city administrator, again based on muddled religious beliefs. While the severity of these actions are not at all similar, in result, the author painfully points out that “American Christians must not war with truth.” Church leaders need to deal with the extreme distortions that some members of their religion rely upon in order to advance heinous acts.

In a dispute, there is always an assumption that the parties both seek a solution, or peaceful resolution, or fairness. The Erickson article points out that in some situations this is not the case. For example, how do you mediate a dispute where on party is a truthful soul and one is not possessed of such integrity. How does one mediate a dispute where one party believes that peaceful actions are always desired and the other is a student of Machiavelli? It is easy to say that in such situations you should not choose to mediate? But what happens if this reality becomes endemic to segments of a population or society? I do not know if there is an answer to this vexing problem. But the conversation must start very soon or if not…