Civility When it Counts/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on September 29, 2018


Jon Ward of Yahoo News wrote (9/28/18) about the proposal of Senator Jeff Flake that was ultimately adopted to give the FBI one week to investigate charges aimed at the past conduct of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. This is what he quoted, in relevant part, about Senator Chris Coons’ impact on Senator Flake’s decision:

“I frankly think that what Senator Flake is trying to do is achieve a brief, credible investigation of allegations in front of us and serve as a role model, as he has for me today, of someone who is willing to take a real political risk and upset many in his party by asking for a pause so that the American people can hear that we are able to work together on some things, that even though he and I are from different parties and have different values and different backgrounds, we respect each other and can work together,” Coons said.

Civility and respect can go a long way in resolving an impasse. You won’t achieve that via litigation. Mediation is the only place where respect for another ultimately counts. Mediate don’t litigate. Not sure where to turn for inspiration? Try reading more about Senators Flake and Coons.