A Hero Dies/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on August 26, 2018


This weekend saw the death of one of the true heroes we have left in America. The name of the gentleman was Senator John McCain. In a tweet, Peter Baker of the NYT summed up the Senator’s life by saying that he was not remarkable because he was a perfect person. He was remarkable because he knew he was not a perfect person. But he was a man who loved family, country and honor. One of the tributes to the Senator stated that he did not want people to “kiss his ring”. He welcomed debate and contrary opinions. Perhaps it can be said that he was simultaneously a realist and an idealist.

Disputes arise when people become convinced that there is only one correct opinion; the one they espouse. Disagreeing with such a person will often lead to unpleasant outcomes. In approaching a disputed matter, try to hear out the other side. Why do they disagree and what will it take for an agreement to be formed. Listen more and talk less. Not every dissenting voice is a challenge to your integrity or honor. Let people know that you are imperfect and do not have all the answers. Be civil, be respectful, and learn how to listen. We have two ears and only one mouth. A quick mathematical conclusion might be this; let’s listen twice as much as we speak. Let’s embrace life and decency itself. Let’s be a bit more like that imperfect hero, Senator John McCain.