Our Better Angels/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on June 6, 2018


National Public Radio recently had an interview with Author, Jon Meacham. Mr. Meacham has written a book that is cited often in conversation, entitled “The Soul of America The Battle of Our Better Angels”. In the radio interview, Mr. Meacham has this to say:
“And Woodrow Wilson, who’s a deeply problematic character but who wrote very well, lectured very well on the presidency, particularly before he had it – once said that the president can be as big a man as he can. And what we’ve learned in our experience, through these 230 years or so, is that the president can also be as small a man as he wants to be sometimes.”

For those involved in disputes that are anguishing, the dichotomy described by Mr. Meacham looms large. The dispute can make one a big man/woman or a small man/woman. Litigation is an easy solution: “Sue ’em all”. Get yourself the best “hired gun” you can find and let the good times roll. Or, you can choose the slower and more deliberate path, and one that is most civil. Mediate your dispute, engage your opponent and strive for Win-Win. Want to be a big person? Try mediation when the path ahead seems murky. Mediate don’t litigate. Let the better angels, described by President Lincoln, help guide your future.