Trust/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on April 19, 2018


On April 18, 2018 Dana Milbank wrote an op-ed on the flip-flops of President Trump. In this piece, Mr. Milbank discusses Ambassador Nikki Haley’s repudiation by White House staff on her assurance that Russia was to be subjected to additional sanctions. Trump inconsistencies on China, Syria, Korea, etc. were outlined. The title of the piece? “Trust Trump, look like a fool. Just ask Nikki Paley”. The need for people to count on the integrity of what other people say is true in politics as it is true for all of the human experience.

In mediations, the mediator will do well by pointing out how everything said in the mediation needs to be based on truth and an ethical core. If this is not the case, the entire mediation is in jeopardy.

Litigation allows for white lies. Doubt that? Ponder whether or not Sean Hannity is a client of Mr. Michael Cohen. There are a few versions to that story. Mediation is entirely different. You get a lot further with truth and transparency that with double-speak. When all else has failed, tried truth and integrity. There is no better way to get to Win-Win. Mediate don’t litigate.