Mediation Counters Our “Worst Angels”/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on February 18, 2018


Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser wrote an article in the current issue of Town and Country Magazine entitled “What Happens When Divorce Turns Into a Quest For Revenge?”. The article outlines some of the more outlandish behavior Attorney Wasser has seen in divorce actions. As she informs the reader, she advises her clients of the pitfalls of lengthy litigation by stating this: “The more you guys argue, the more money I make.” No truer statement has ever been said to a divorcing party who seeks to get his/her “pound of flesh” at the expense of the other party.

The narrative makes for an engaged reader, but what is the take-away? Attorney Wasser counsels for mediated solutions to the divorce impasse. The client is reminded, also, that the money they save on litigation costs, can instead be put away for future use of the children. And for those who imbibe, Attorney Wasser suggests that they purchase expensive champagne and toast not the downfall of their ex-spouse but rather the next chapter of their life. Win-Win is a worthy substitute for the poor alternative of pursing a course of revenge.