Lesson From the Korean Impasse/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on February 17, 2018


Walter Russell Mead, of the WSJ, in an article on Kim Yo Jong, wrote on 2/13/18 about the efforts to bring North Korea’s nuclear program under control. (Notice the step-by-step RX for finding a solution.)
“All this is to say that the effort to denuclearize North Korea is an uphill climb. That does not mean that the effort is futile or should not be made. Sometimes diplomacy is about taking a series of small steps without having the summit in view. As you trek patiently upward, new paths appear–and new choices have to be made.”
Apply the above to the mediation process. Note the verbs that appear; i.e. “uphill climb”, “taking a series of small steps”, “trek patiently upward”. Finally, “new paths appear” and new choices now confront the parties. Mediation as a process is incremental and aimed at discovering new options. New paths do in fact appear as the parties direct their efforts to arriving at Win-Win. Mediate don’t litigate…or follow futile paths. Mediation, like cautious diplomacy, indeed works.