Advice From an Attorney-Mediator/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on February 2, 2018


Jo Edwards is a British attorney and mediator. Her work can be found at Ms. Edwards has advice for all who are confronting an upcoming divorce:
*Do not rush the process.
The divorce is a legal transaction. The decisions to be made will have impact for much of your future life. Do not feel a need to rush this matter. Time spent in preparation will be appreciated for future years and decade. As William Ury has suggested: “Go to the Balcony”. Getting the big picture may take time. Don’t rush this process.

*Prioritize children’s rights.
This is so obvious and yet not all decisions take this into account. Prioritize your children even in the process of divorce. They are worth every effort.

*Be open and pragmatic about your needs.
Do not make the other party guess what you need. However, do not ask for that which you truly do not need. Ask yourself why you are requesting something. Is it to suit your needs or to punish the other party? Be open and explain why your needs are truly “needs”.

*Openly exchange data with the other side.
This may be counter-intuitive, but be transparent and direct.

*Educate yourself about your divorce.
Do not rely solely on your attorney, advocate, or mediate. As the Syms ad would say, “An educated consumer is our best customer”. It is true in divorce as well. Be educated and knowledgeable. Know your rights, and those of the other party.

*Choose to enter into a mediated or collaborative divorce process.
Mediate don’t litigate.