Problems/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on January 13, 2018


Humans are by nature problem-solvers. But how does one go about solving a problem that he has already created? While mediation is very likely the best process by which to resolve the problem, there is a step that is first in need of application. Ponder the following statement by Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”. The solution may come about through brain-storming, through an assessment of the available options, through reality testing, etc. The ways to get to the solution will vary, but the process cannot be the tried and true one that got the parties to the point of impasse. When you know what has not worked in the past, you now know where to look. Someplace else. Mediation will help get you to the new vistas of possibility. Mediate don’t litigate.