Divorce and the New Year/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on December 16, 2017


It is maintained that internet searches for the word “divorce” go up dramatically in the month of December. Why is it true that divorces are more prevalent in January than at other times? Some of the explanations include the following:

*The initiating party for divorce wanted one last stress-free Holiday season with the family.

*Financial and tax reasons point to waiting to file after the tax year ends.

*A new year bring with it the desire for a new beginning in relationships.

*Spouses are busy with other plans in December; they wait one month to file their divorce.

*Behavior during Holiday and family times sometimes is less acceptable and triggers a decision to go separate ways.

*Which Grinch wants to file for divorce during Holiday season?

Is there a tip to be found in the above? It might be this: Be extra careful to look for unusual and suspicious spousal behavior. If divorce is a possibility, keep a close eye on financial and legal documents. If your suspicions in December becomes a real fact in January, be careful to protect your interests. Above all, do not let the surprise news tempt you to litigate your divorce. It is always wise to mediate and not litigate.