A Lesson From General Kelly

Posted on October 21, 2017


In light of the charges from Rep. Frederica Wilson that President Trump mishandled the condolence call to Ms. Myeshia Johnson about her Soldier-Husband’s death, General John Kelly held a press conference. He spoke in his White House position as Chief of Staff. His comments wandered into a critique of the Representative and make several misstatements about her. Days later, the controversy still lingers. What is the takeaway that can be applied to mediation scenarios?

*Before you speak or make judgments, make sure your statements are factually correct.

*Taking the “high road” usually means avoiding personal attacks on others.

*Once a mistake is registered, it is difficult to “wipe the slate clean”.

*As General McCaffrey opined in a televised interview, it is essential to know when to “shut up”.

In a tense discussion or negotiation, it is usually wise to listen twice as much as you speak. Any by all means, know when to shut up. It is also wise to know when to say “I am sorry for any misunderstanding”.