Trump as Negotiator/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on August 11, 2017


An article recently appeared at Huffington Post regarding the negotiating style of President Trump. Examples are cited from recent tapes of phone discussion between the President and heads of State in Mexico and Australia. This is the opinion of one expert in the field:

“John Oesch, an associate professor at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, said in an email. ‘He has relied on power (or perceived power), threats, and treating people very poorly to get what he wants. Most negotiation scholars agree that power is an unsustainable way to resolve conflict and a poor negotiating technique, unless you want only to take from the other party and not create any value for either side.’ ”

Treating people poorly is the opposite of Win-Win. Threatening people (i.e. North Korean crisis) is the opposite of Win-Win. The use of power does not necessarily resolve conflicts. If you are interested in Win-Win, you will be well-served to ignore many ¬†lessons from our President. If you fancy yourself as a taker and not a giver, bypass mediation, negotiation, and Win-Win. On the other hand, if you wish to attain what you can through civility and dignity, pursue the proper negotiating strategies. Mediate don’t litigate.