Jumping on a Log/Martin Rosenfeld,JD

Posted on July 16, 2017


I saw the following quote in an article on business practice: “Just because you see a log floating in the water, does not mean you have to jump on it.” In business, this likely means there is no obligation to follow every lead towards an investment, sale, etc. In a negotiation or mediation, it may have the meaning that we need to refrain from pressing every potential claim or articulating every possible grievance. There is power in learning how to remain silent even when there is the potential to squawk a bit. A sage on put this advice as follows: “Not everything thought has to be stated. Not everything stated has to be reduced to writing. Not everything in writing needs to be read.” See a log floating in the water? Don’t automatically jump. First make sure that the time and the place warrants such action. At times the best adage is this: Don’t just do something. Stand there. Act on with purpose and with clear intent.