Civility/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on May 20, 2017


The CEO of Southwest Airlines., Gary Kelly, was recently quoted by as saying the following abour airlines and recent customer contoversies:

“I am worried our broader society has become less and less civilized, so what we want to try to do at Southwest is stand for civility, stand for hospitality and make that a key focus with all of our people every single day.”

Mr. Kelly is quick to point out how society and some of its prime movers have become deficient in exhibiting civil behavior. This instant blogsite deals first and foremost with civility in divorce. It may well be true that society is becoming less and less civilized. This just makes the task of achieving civility in divorce more challenging. But there truly is no option but to strive for such dignified behavior even as such challenging events present themselves. Mediation offers a chance to find the civility that is needed even as couples dissolve their marital bonds. Mediate and don’t litigate” is as sound a bit of advice now as it ever was. The alternative is simply unacceptable.