The President as Negotiator/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on April 29, 2017


One of the talents of President Trump was billed as his talent as a negotiator. Unfortunately, real estate and world politics share far less in common than we had imagined. Some of the failings of the new President center about the following character traits:

You cannot promise to do something and then not do it. You lose credibility. Will the new budget be contingent of the funding of a Wall. Well, yes and no. That is not a wise negotiating posture.Do your homework before you make promises. If replacing Obamacare is not easy, don’t promise to do so.

You need to have open communication with all parties. If you wish to denounce Congress, do not expect to work with them on projects of common interest.You are not trusted because of your position or title. You are trusted because you have credibility when you speak.

Do you wish to convince people that you had an inaugural crowd way beyond that which reasonable evidence indicates? Say what you wish but do not then expect to be given much credibility.

The advice we give our children is still sound: If you wish to get respect you need to give it. If you wish to be trusted, treat people with respect and equanimity. It is not too late for Mr. Trump to learn this, and become a better President and a better negotiator