Golda Meir and Mediation Theory/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on February 28, 2017


Golda Meir was a very insightful and practical political leader during her tenure as Prime Minister of Israel. She was once asked if she foresaw the time when militant enemies of Israel might be willing to talk with Israel about the prospect of peace. She replied that she saw this as a possibility but with a proviso: “Those enemies will have to decide that they love their own children more than they hate ours.” When love and hate clash, the results are never promising until the parties opt to place love as a their driving passion over that of hate.

In a divorce situation where children are involved, the above theory gets to be implemented. There are disappointments and challenges experienced by both parties to the divorce. The desire to be vengeful or punitive is always close to the surface. But what will that do for the children? This is time for a choice. As Golda Meir might teach, choose to place love for children over the hate that you feel towards your ex. It will be a decision that you will be grateful you have made. Your children will be grateful as well.

Mediate don’t litigate.