Mediation and Freedom/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on December 19, 2016


On a website called, mediation and its virtues are extolled. There s a section on a benefit of mediation that is not often cited: i.e. that of freedom that comes from mediated divorce. What kind of freedom you ask? Here is a partial listing of a very creative outline:

The first benefit of divorce mediation is FREEDOM…

Freedom from having to look back on this chapter of your life with regret or remorse

Freedom to move on with your life and enjoy all that the future can be for you

Freedom to make your divorce work better than your marriage

Freedom to parent your children in the best possible way.


With the exception of parenting options (such as e.g. visitation schedules, vacation schedules, etc. the emphasis here is on the peace of mind that is attained from knowing that you are your ex have chosen a dignified way to close out your marriage. The knowledge that you have made the divorce a process free of confrontation and showmanship is perhaps the greatest sense of satisfaction that one can take from a stressful and anxiety-ridden time. Yes, litigation may get you all that you desire (though this is quite likely) but how will you restore the sense of propriety and graciousness that will surely have eluded you. Choose to be free. Choose to have a graceful segue to your next chapter. Choose mediation over litigation. It makes eminent sense.

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