Mother’s Day and Mediation/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on May 8, 2016


A mediator by the by name of Jan Schau recently wrote about what traits learned from Mom help her as a mediator. The trait that struck me was one of fairness. To be a good parent, or a good mediator, one needs to be fair and impartial. This in turn leads to trust.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day consider the positive traits you have learned from Mom. It might be in your role as Mediator, or spouse, or simply as a member of this planet. In the Jewish tradition, the respect accorded to one’s parent is based, many suggest, on the need to be appreciative for the gifts we receive. Our parents give us the gift of life. And as Alice told Ralph Kramden “Remember, without the mother of Christopher Columbus, we would not be here today.” To the children of the world, think about the gifts you received from Mom. And to the Mothers of the world “Happy Mother’s Day”. We couldn’t have done a thing without you.