Negotiation 2.0/Martin Rosenfeld, JD

Posted on January 1, 2016


Jake Tapper, CNN reporter, wrote for the “Wired” periodical on surviving presidential campaigns. He gave the following advice:

“[D]o your future self a favor and don’t send that angry email.”

Email and social media have made communication fast, easy, and sometimes toxic. There is not even a second that passes from the moment you hit “send” until the message is lost in cyberspace, beyond your reach. Self-control has become more difficult in this age as messages and texts go out with little forethought. Think about the impact of what you are communicating. At times such as ours the advice of mothers throughout the world comes to mind: “If you have nothing nice (or at least important) to say , say nothing at all.” Your future self will be happy that you have taken this advice to heart.